Drema Children and Drema Design with New European Bauhaus certificates


This year's DREMA fair saw the fourth edition of the Drema Design exhibition and the fourth edition of the Drema for Children charity event. Both events were certified by The New European Bauhaus.

Our projects are created to realize the most important values for the European community. Both Drema Dzieciom and Drema Design involve Polish entrepreneurs, NGOs and schools and universities. By activating these institutions, we can realistically introduce valuable values to society.


Out of concern for the environment and the impact of the wood industry on the surroundings, our partners showcase technologies conducive to minimizing the harmful effects of production and seeking new solutions for a safer future. Exhibits are created from wood waste, taking care to preserve the natural beauty of this raw material while maintaining affordability.


We make sure that our activities engage the broader community - we create a community of wood industry professionals and enthusiasts. By activating students from the very beginning of their careers, we ensure that they realistically participate in events that are important to the industry as a whole. Under the guidance of educators, they create wood products, as well as benefit from the knowledge and experience of senior colleagues in the business environment. We unite around a common goal - to bring good and inspire the next generation.


Wood is a graceful material for furniture production. Using it in production processes requires craftsmanship and a sensitive view of this unique raw material. Through our activities, we promote designs that are a combination of beauty and functionality. This allows artists in the industry to develop their portfolios and focus on the idea of creating true works of functional art.