Organizer: Grupa MTP

Winners of the Gold Medal 2019


Last years’ edition was record-breaking! 18 products from Drema fair have been awarded, one product from Furnica Fair and one from Sofab Fair 2019 - in total 20 innovative products of the highest quality.

The Gold Medal is not only an award, it is a recommendation of experts for the presented products and a promotion strategy, which starts at events organised by the MTP Group.


CRM-100 CNC Rotary lathe

INTOREX s.a. | Submitted: TECHNODREWNO Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 5, stand 9


CNC rotary turning and sanding lathe of 8 axes. The ideal solution for the production of small and large series of wood elements, legs for sofas, grips for brushes or tools. 80% faster setting of new patterns, greater flexibility in turning and greater efficiency, precision and no shaping tools used. The lathe is equipped with a rotary drum with spindles working simultaneously. It produces turned elements with ground profiles according to drawings and is CNC controlled.


Pro ROBOTic 4.0 Machining Centre

SERON Kołodziejczyk Sp.j.

Pavilion 5, stand 13


PRO ROBOTic 4.0 Automated Robotic Machining Centre combines features of a CNC lathe with an industrial robot, configured according to the concept of Industry 4.0. The applied communication technology allows user to remotely monitor operation of the machine, control its key operational parameters, as well as transmission and queuing of executable files. Implementation of the machine in a production facility significantly optimizes the production costs and improves the quality of products.



ITA TOOLS Sp. z o.o

Pavilion 3A , stand 1


eNarzędziownia (e-tool shop) is a perfect system for companies that want to improve their process of managing tools and machinery. With a minimum of effort, you users may reduce the amount of downtime by analysing incidents relating to the process and improve the distribution of tools in their companies. eNarzędziownią provides information on any tool or machine form the date of its purchase until the end of service life. The maintenance schedule and reminders ensure the best condition of machines and tools.


KLEIBERIT 707.6.40

Kleiberit/Klebchemie M.G. Becker GmbH & Co.KG

Pavilion 5, stand 56


Advantages of 707.6.40 adhesive: Very good resistance to high temperatures, up to +150°C. Very good resistance to low temperatures, reaching -30°C. Excellent durability even when exposed to steam. Very good stability in open melting tank (at normal temperatures 20°C/65%) min. 24 hours Reduces cleaning of the open application system after use Saves the amount of necessary additional chemical agents, energy, and time for cleaning, which reduces the cost of waste disposal. The adhesive after curing is solid and generates no threat to health. PUR hot-melts allow considerably tighter joints compared to EVA hot-melts and their temperature resistance allows for transoceanic transport and using them in difficult climatic conditions.


KLEIBERIT 707.9.40

Kleiberit/Klebchemie M.G. Becker GmbH & Co.KG

Pavilion 5, stand 56


KLEIBERIT 707.9.40 is a reactive hot-melt adhesive for high quality edge banding. It is designed for craftsmen and small and medium-sized carpentry shops. Its practical oval semi-cylindrical container of 50 g makes it suitable for most application systems for EVA, PO and PUR hot-melts. This reduces the amount of adhesive waste, consumption of electricity and production waste. Very small amount of adhesive need for gluing reduces time required to clean the machine. The product is packed in blisters (like tablets) ensuring easy application of the adhesive in 50 g steps, starting from 50 g. This is only hot-melt polyurethane adhesive available in this form on the market.



Kleiberit/ Klebchemie M.G. Becker GmbH & Co.KG

Pavilion 5, stand 56


KLEIBERIT 716.8.03 ME is a reactive hot-melt polyurethane adhesive for laminating the surface, which is a new-generation adhesive of the lowest emissivity. ME symbol indicates micro-emissivity of the product or with a low monomer content (<0.1%), which classifies it as one of the healthiest hot-melt adhesives used in adhesive processes. It has very good adhesion to various substrates: polystyrene, wood, plaster, fabric, wood-based materials, PVC, Al, flexible plastic. Long open time allows users to produce very large components. Low application temperature of 120°C saves electricity. There are no markings on product carcinogenicity.


WEINIG line for cutting thin wood


Pavilion 5 , stand 2


LUXSCAN is Luxemburg-based company, which produces the high-quality scanners for wood. These technically advanced devices are the future of the timber industry, especially in the absence of workers, particularly those responsible for quality control of wood products. The scanners are gaining popularity not only in the west of Europe, but also in Poland!


MAXPell ZB GL 120

HEIZTECHNIK Sp. z o.o. Sp.k

Pavilion 3, stand 15


MaxPell ZB GL 120 is the latest certified boiler from Heiztechnik, which is used to burn wood chips and shredded wood waste obtained generated by wood industry plants. The boiler meets the requirements of Class 5 and EcoDesign. The boiler is equipped with modern burner for burning wood chips. The device is controlled via an intuitive controller, which automatically controls the burning process according to HT Logic III algorithm that modulates power in cooperation with Lambda sensor.


"StaPio" circular saw with grooves from Aspi

ASPI Sp. z o.o., Spółka komandytowa

Pavilion 3A, stand 3


This circular saw has improved, innovative design developed for the needs of the modern sawmill industry where saws are subject to high loads. The blade body in contrast to the commonly used pre-tension has grooves on both sides with a depth lower than the thickness of the body. This modern approach to pre-tension operation ensures a constant, increased stability of the saw body in a highly-efficient cutting of wood.



POLSKA GRUPA CNC Damian Laskowski

Pavilion 6, stand 41


2030 AUTO milling plotter is perfect solution for manufacturers of upholstered and cabinet furniture. An innovation on a global scale is the use of a processing and feeding module based on the same frame and rails. This solution enables the feeding to enter the machining zone and support the work of the machine in some operations. The design goals of the machine included functionality, safety, ease of operation and maintenance, operator's ergonomics and a significant reduction of costs of production and operation of the machine.


Four-side planner Hydromat 3000


Pavilion 5, stand 2


Knowledge, diligence and quality awareness: The Hydromat 3000 is the result of the interaction of these factors. Solid machine base ensures the integration of high-quality components with the comfortable and intuitive control of the machine.


GlueBox system for FORMAT-4 Tempora F600 60.06 edgebander using PUR adhesives in strips


Pavilion 5, stand 49


The revolutionary glueBox for the Format-4 Tempora F600 60.06 edgebander uses as strips of PUR adhesive and is ready to use in just 90 seconds The machine applies a thin PUR adhesive strip almost invisibly between the edge of the material and the workpiece and connects them using the hot-melt adhesive. The effective application of the glueBox saves almost 70% of costs in comparison to conventional PUR granulate processing.


ProfilCut Q PLUS- system of cutting heads

Leitz GmbH & Co. KG / LEITZ POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 3A, stoisko  2


The unique combination of ultra-lightweight aluminium body of the tool and Marathon carbide removable knives with option of repeatable sharpening and constant diameter, ensure maximum efficiency and profitability. It may be used for high precision machining of wood, composite wood, plywood, aluminium and plastics. It is dedicated for HSC (High-Speed Cutting) treatment, with extremely high cutting speed.


LightPOS is a system for positioning the suction cups on the consoles of CNC FORMAT-4 machining centres


Pavilion 5, stand 49


lightPos - ingeniously simple positioning of the suction cups on CNC machines of Format-4. Nearly 6,000 LEDs located on consoles provides a unique solution in the global scale. 500 white LEDs per each mete of the console accurately indicate position of the suction cup, while the second row of RGB LEDs (located below and spaced every 20 mm) provides the machine operator important information such as: type of the suction cups, its angle of rotation, fixing status and the machine status.


TTS-800/60 STANDARD Industrial Band Frame Sawing Machine

P.P.H.U TRAK-MET Zbigniew Skillandat

Open space, stand 15


This Industrial Band Frame Sawing Machine is designed for machining wood logs with the output capacity reaching 30 m3 / 8h. The innovation is the use of guide wheels with a diameter of 800 mm which support the saw blade of 60 mm width. The design of the machine provides sawing performance and quality similar to wide-band frame sawing machines. Trak -Met currently is the first and only manufacturer in the world carrying a standard production of band sawing machine which uses the cutting band having a 60 mm wide cutting blade with a 2 mm Stellite blade and the 25 mm tooth pitch, ensuring sawing performance and quality of a wide-band frame sawing machines and the lowest wearability ratio.


ProfiRip 340 M gang and optimizing ripsaw with moving the blades and RipAssist Unedged measurement

Raimann Holzoptimierung GmbH & Co.KG / MICHAEL WEINIG AG (Germany)

Pavilion 5, stand 2


ProfiRip 340 M gang and optimizing ripsaw with moving the blades and RipAssist Unedged measurement at Drema 2019: Continuous product development process in Raimann gives us the opportunity to present our latest gang ripsaw that optimizes the width and provides the automatic measurement of the material. The product is dedicated to medium-sized enterprises operating in the wood processing industry.


InfoTEC RSPR - robotised work station for furniture production

INFOTEC CNC Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 5, stand 22


InfoTEC RSP is a robotised work station for furniture production processes that sets a new direction for developing automation, both in the production of cabinet and upholstered furniture. Versatility and universality of InfoTEC RSP enables this work station to be individually configured for the needs of a given production step. InfoTEC RSP may be used, for example for palletizing cabinet furniture components after the nesting in a machining centre, or for manufacturing frame elements of the upholstered furniture.



Pavilion 3, stand 14

ULTRA 160 is a multi-saw with two shafts, designed for longitudinal cutting of stacked timber with a height up to 160 mm and width up to 600 mm to produce edged boards and sawn timber.

The multi-saw is provided with a water cooling and lubrication system of blades, which reduces the cutting width to 2.5 mm.  The reduced cutting width decreases loads that act on saw blades and lowers power consumption by 25-30%. The machine does not require changes in settings and height adjustment of the upper pressing rollers. The system independently sets the appropriate height, enabling automatic processing of stacked timber of different heights. For efficient removal of sawdust, a belt conveyor is installed at the bottom of the machine. The conveyor is equipped also with a separator preventing larger chips or contaminants to enter the extraction system. SKYWOOD 160 - ULTRA is a machine of very advanced design.   Replacement of sawing blades is performed with spacer washers on quick-mounted cassettes.

The second most popular model among our machines and the first one in the category of multi-saw machines.

The machine is easy to operate and consumes 25-30% less electricity than similar machines from other manufacturers.



InfoTEC VAC FOAM contour cutting machine for PUR foam and wadding

INFOTEC CNC Sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 5, stand 22


InfoTEC VAC FOAM vertical contour centre is a versatile device for cutting various types of polyurethane foams and wadding. Cutting is performed with a rotary, continuous blade. The cutting process uses additional rotary tables, which facilitate shaping of furniture material sheets made of foam and wadding. The machine is equipped with buffer tables for preparing foam sheets. The software also includes a very powerful nesting algorithm.




MOCUJEMY.PL Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Pavilion 7A, stand 4


Keep-Nut® is a patented, ETA-certified insert for preparing threaded sockets in HPL, Coria or natural stone. The product is made of stainless steel and non-flammable polyamide that make it suitable for materials with a thickness up to 6mm. Its installation is easy, fast and does not require adhesives. Keep-Nut® is pressed and mechanically anchored, which makes it a revolutionary and reliable mounting product.