The wood and furniture industry in times of transformation - DREMA 2023


As early as mid-September 2023, the grounds of Poznań International Fair will be transformed into an arena of innovative technologies, creating new trends in the wood and furniture industry. During DREMA, it will be possible to see robots, advanced systems, energy- and raw material-saving solutions, spectacular shows presenting machines in motion or take part in practical workshops, competitions and discussion panels. The event, which is the most important meeting of industry leaders in this part of Europe, will last four days - from 12 to 15 September.

DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines, Tools and Components for the Wood and Furniture Industries  is one of the world's leading trade fairs dedicated to the woodworking industry and the only event in Poland recommended by the EUMABOIS federation! DREMA is an event that combines the rich offer of leading companies in the sector with the energy of meetings, exchange of ideas and knowledge from numerous shows or conferences held in the same space. It is a showcase for the Polish wood and furniture industry and an arena for establishing and maintaining international business relations.

Prospects for development

In times of crisis, many companies are looking for ways to save money while not giving up on further growth. Can these two elements be integrated together? The September meeting will be a platform for discussing the challenges faced by companies operating in the woodworking industry in the context of staff shortages, deficits of raw materials and supply problems, or increasing efficiency through the use of automation and robotisation of production processes. It will also be a place for the exchange of experience regarding the use of digitalisation solutions and modern tools by Polish and global leaders, as well as an opportunity to talk to experts on how to counteract current problems with a practical dimension.

- In order to function efficiently in the industry and keep up with economic realities, domestic companies need to develop and invest in innovation, taking advantage of the demand for Polish furniture. Therefore, to increase competitiveness, both on the domestic and foreign markets, it is worth implementing new technologies in production, increasing the comfort of work, productivity and flexibility of production, explains Andrzej Półrolniczak, director of the DREMA fair.

Practice and nobility in one

This year's DREMA 2023 will see the 16th edition of the live furniture production show, again under the motto DREMA to Children for Ukraine. The aim of the event is to present the latest furniture production technologies using automated and robotised processes, which is combined with the honourable aspect of the event - the children's furniture produced will go to the most needy children from orphanages in Ukraine. DREMA FOR CHILDREN is a charity event organised by the DROMA Association of Manufacturers of Woodworking Machinery, Devices and Tools, the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology at Poznań University of Life Sciences and the MTP Group, and is attended by many partners - companies that provide the necessary materials, machines and tools, and students who are responsible for the entire production stage at the live furniture plant demonstration.

The production plan calls for the manufacture of 100 sets of furniture for the children's room, including a bed with mattress and a wardrobe/storage unit. In the production of furniture, it is planned to present the latest solutions related to automation and robotisation of technological processes, which are part of “Industry 4.0”. The production comprises the process of processing furniture boards, veneering narrow planes, refining the surface of wooden elements, assembling and segregating fittings, packing sub-assemblies and elements and preparing for dispatch including warehouse logistics.

The DREMA for Children campaign is not only a promotional activity for the partners. Demonstration furniture production is an arena of practical skills for students and, above all, a noble objective.

Polish Furniture - Competitive Poland

Representatives of the furniture sector will certainly be interested in the 8th edition of the Polish Furniture Congress “Polish Furniture - Competitive Poland”. This is an annual event organised by the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, which identifies the directions of change in the industry, the upcoming challenges and the strategies best suited to them. The Congress brings together managers from both leading furniture companies and young, dynamic companies. What links them is their interest in effective business development. During the Congress, considered as the most important meeting of the furniture industry, important and current topics for the furniture industry will be communicated.

Competition with Asian manufacturers on foreign markets - experts will discuss the threats posed by Asian manufacturers to Polish furniture exports. They will also provide tips on where to look for real competitive advantages over them - whether to rely, and if so to what extent, on design, quality, certification, ecology or brand?

Digitisation and automation in the Polish furniture industry compared to the world - automation and robotisation of production and logistics processes are the future of the furniture industry. At the Congress, participants will learn about its implementation in companies, as well as how to use digitisation in marketing and sales and in building customer relations.

Strategies for difficult times - examples of companies and brands that resist the recession - learning from others' successes can bring us closer to them. During the meeting, the audience will learn that challenges are also opportunities which, if spotted and exploited quickly enough, provide the impetus for growth.

The Trend Zone for the Furniture Industry

Faktor Publishing House, in cooperation with the organisers of DREMA, is preparing the TRENDY 2024 exhibition. This is a designer-led special area where registered companies will present interesting technical solutions, current design trends and the best sales products in the area of accessories, materials and semi-finished furniture products. The aim of the TRENDY 2024 exhibition is to create a creative meeting place and exhibition area for companies in the furniture industry, showcasing design and the latest developments in furniture design (boards, fabrics, fittings). Furniture components will once again feature at the fair in a new, attractive formula, generating interest among carpentry and furniture companies. The companies already registered include: Abro, Akces Plast, Amix, Anto-Tech, Bimak, Niemann Polska, Manufaktura Łomża, Star Polska, Starsprings Poland, Tente. The TRENDY 2024 exhibition will complement the machines and woodworking technologies presented at DREMA.

- Rising raw material costs, broken supply chains, environmental protection, inflation - these are just some of the challenges facing the wood and furniture industry, which affect both large production facilities and micro-enterprises. In cooperation with our exhibitors, trade associations and media partners we arrange the exhibition space and create a programme of events so that DREMA sets the directions for the sector's development and comprehensively presents the latest global technological and technical solutions. DREMA is a response to market demand and at the same time a place where the latest trends in the wood and furniture sector will be at your fingertips, the DREMA director emphasises.

The topics presented represent only a part of the issues that will appear at DREMA. Of course, there will be no shortage of regular programme points: The Parquet Zone with parquet workshops, the Skills Testing Ground and varnishing demonstrations, the DREMA Tools demonstration tool sharpening shop, the Clean Air Zone, the exhibition of competition exhibits Conjured from Wood and the 22nd Polish Championships in Nail Hammering, the Tools Saloon zone. The range of the current edition of the fair will be successively updated on the event's website. DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines, Tools and Components for the Wood and Furniture Industries will be held on 12-15 September 2023 at the MTP grounds - you are cordially invited!