The Polish Economic Chamber of the Wood Industry (PIGPD) a partner of DREMA 2021


Work on the content of the 37th edition of DREMA has been underway since the beginning of the year. Key elements such as the Wood Promotion Zone or the wood industry conference are created in cooperation with the Polish Economic Chamber of the Wood Industry.


The PIGPD has been actively involved in the organisation of the DREMA fair for many years. As an industry and substantive partner, on the one hand, it promotes the activities of member companies, and on the other, represents the broadly understood interests of the entire sector. “The benefits of participating in the fair are invaluable here; especially now, when for many months we have been deprived of the opportunity to participate in business meetings in a wider group,” comments Rafał Szefler, Director of the Polish Economic Chamber of the Wood Industry. “We hope that this year we will manage to prepare both rich exhibition in the Wood Promotion Zone and a conference, which have been gaining strength and importance for years,” adds Szefler.

The Polish Economic Chamber of the Wood Industry is one of the largest nationwide economic self-government organisations in the wood industry. It was established in 1992 and has nearly 150 members whose interests it represents in the country and internationally.  Most of the member companies are sawmill companies, but there are also producers of garden architecture, flooring, pallets, wooden houses, machines and tools.  The Chamber includes representatives of the largest, as well as small and medium-sized companies from Poland.

Video promoting the Polish Economic Chamber of the Wood Industry (2018)

The wood industry congress inaugurating DREMA for seven consecutive years attracted authorities and experts from all over the world. The tradition, interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, has a chance to revive this year. “We sincerely hope that in September nothing will stand in our way and, as in previous years, we will organise an international conference on the threats and challenges for the wood industry in the world,” declares the Director of the Chamber’s Office. The event is addressed to professionals, wood entrepreneurs from Poland and abroad. The organisers want to raise topics particularly important for the industry in the context of the changes currently taking place.

The aim of the organisation of the Wood Promotion Zone and DREMA Design is to provide professionals with access to leading companies, state-of-the-art machines, original solutions, innovations, and key information about the latest trends and opportunities in the industry. “What we care most about is a sanitary safe space for free talks and business contracts. We want the Wood Promotion zone and DREMA Design to inspire, provide the latest knowledge and, above all, to be a promotion platform for companies and institutions from the wood sector,” says Andrzej Półrolniczak, Director of DREMA. “I am very pleased with the cooperation and I believe that with partners such as the Polish Economic Chamber of the Wood Industry, we will create a truly unique edition of the DREMA fair”.

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