The DREMA trade fair director kindly invites you to cooperation


The DREMA trade fair is one of the world's largest events in the field of woodworking machinery and tools. It is also one of the oldest exhibitions on the acquisition and processing of wood in Europe.

Rising costs of raw materials and labor, environmental protection and logistics issues - these are just some of the challenges the wood and furniture industries are facing, affecting both large manufacturing plants and micro enterprises. We work closely with our exhibitors, trade associations and media partners to arrange the exhibition space and prepare the agenda in order to ensure that DREMA trade show sets the directions for the development of the industry and offers a comprehensive presentation of the latest global technological and technical solutions. This is also the objective behind the new formula of DREMA 2020. The existing Furnica and Sofab trade shows will become part of DREMA, thus creating a comprehensive presentation of solutions ranging from the design process for wood and furniture products, through materials and components, to modern production technologies and logistics. The strengths of DREMA trade fair include working machines and technological lines, which make it easier to select the best solutions for woodworking and furniture plants. The trade fair will be accompanied by congresses at which the directions of development of the woodworking and furniture industries will be determined. As part of the Trend Forum and Drema Design, we will discuss trends in materials and components for the production of furniture and wood products and promote the best solutions for designers of wood and furniture products.

Feel free to work with us - let’s shape the future of the wood and furniture industry together!