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The 2023 edition of DREMA confirmed that the combination of innovation and practical education is fundamental to the future of the furniture industry in our country. In order to better support and motivate Polish representatives of the wood and furniture industry in these difficult times, we are coming out with the DREMA Tour initiative. This is the largest and most important series of events in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe planned for 2024, supported by market leaders: woodworking companies and furniture manufacturers, as well as key associations and professional media.




Challenges related to the crisis in the industry mobilize companies to look for more and more economical and effective solutions, which will be available as part of the DREMA Tour action in three cities: in Katowice (April 19-21, 2024, DREMASILESIA trade fair), Lublin (June 21-22, 2024, LUBDREW trade fair), and Poznan (September 10-13, 2024, DREMA trade fair). It's worth planning your participation in the DREMA TOUR 2024 today!

DREMA TOUR 2024 is a series of the most important events of the wood and furniture industry in Poland, supported by market leaders: woodworking companies and furniture manufacturers, as well as key industry associations and media.

The aim of the activities is to strengthen the position of leaders on a national and international scale. Currently, the events organized by the MTP Group (#LUBDREW, #DREMASILESIA, #DREMA) are attended by leading exhibitors and numerous visitors from all over Europe, which shows the strength of the events and the involvement of the environment.

In 2024, a tour has been planned, consisting of three major trade fair events (#LUBDREW, #DREMASILESIA, #DREMA) presenting woodworking machinery and tools, representing the most important meetings of representatives of the wood and furniture industry in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. All events under the DREMA TOUR banner are organized in 3 modules: ACADEMY, SHOWS and FAIRS.

  • ACADEMY: a conference area for workshops, lectures and industry meetings, providing an opportunity to exchange knowledge on the situation in the industry, challenges, trends and examples of robotization and production automation solutions;
  • SHOWS: demonstration space for the operation of machines, equipment and tools of our exhibitors. During the demonstrations, furniture sets will be produced, which after the fair will be donated to worthy causes such as orphanages located in Poland and Ukraine;
  • FAIR: an exposition of exhibitors' offers and an opportunity to present the latest technologies for the wood and furniture industry and small and medium-sized woodworking plants.



  • a substantive program tailored to the current needs of the market (academy, demonstrations, exhibition), created for professionals in the woodworking industry, furniture manufacturers, as well as enthusiasts of working with wood and DIY woodworking enthusiasts;
  • implementation of the idea of sustainable development (New European BauHaus, Drema Design, Drema for Children);
  • implementation of CSR projects (#LAS DREMA, DREMA FOR CHILDREN).


We kindly invite you to participate!

-> DREMASILESIA: Katowice, April 19-21, 2024

-> LUBDREW: Lublin, June 21-22, 2024

-> DREMA: Poznan, September 10-13, 2024



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Aleksandra Szczepaniak
Aleksandra Szczepaniak
Nicoletta Królska
Nicoletta Królska