Robots and production lines for upholstered furniture made by INFOTEC will be on display at the Live Furniture Factory during DREMA 2022.


InfoTEC CNC is a recognized Polish manufacturer with many years of experience, which specializes in the construction of CNC machines and production lines dedicated to the cabinet and upholstered furniture industry. Thanks to the dynamic development and investment in professional staff inside the company, the InfoTEC ENGINEERING department was established, which opens a new era of automation for the production of upholstered furniture in Poland. Based on the knowledge of its own engineering staff and customer experience, InfoTEC ENGINEERING designs and optimizes production processes in the furniture industry. InfoTEC ENGINEERING provides both consulting services that allow the client to look at the production processes taking place in his company from a different perspective, as well as designs of production lines for individual orders.

Since last year's edition of DREMA in 2021, the INFOTEC brand has added many new innovative solutions to automate production in the cabinet and upholstered furniture sector, which will be presented during the DREMA DZIECIOM event at the Live Furniture Factory in hall 6.

During the 4 days of the fair, you will be able to see the presented solutions live in action.


The INFOTEC stand can be found in the DREMA DZECIOM Zone, Hall No. 6.

As part of the Live Furniture Factory, the following will be presented:


Digital carpentry on 200m2


This solution is a true digital revolution in the production of custom-made furniture.

The use of the system that will be presented at the INFOTEC stand gives the possibility of a completely new look at the production of cabinet type furniture. The system allows you to choose from hundreds of ready-made models of cabinets, change their size or build furniture according to your preferences, and then move them for production.

The carpentry on 200m2 is an ideal solution in the rapidly changing market conditions, an idea for going out of the beaten path and responding to the needs of end customers of the carpentry shops. At the moment, we are all fighting for quick delivery times, which is a problem for both companies and customers.


The digital carpentry shop consists of the following elements.


  • Infocam Cabinet system - an innovative platform for furniture design based on the "screen to machnie" method, generating material lists necessary for the production process, execution files for the machine, barcode labels, information on veneering, assembly diagrams, project valuation along with offer for the client
  • Digital Furniture Board Warehouse - eliminating mistakes in choosing a boards for production, an intelligent warehouse that will fit in any small production plant
  • Manutec trolley, - mobile board transporter for easy loading of material onto a CNC machine
  • Revolutionary nesting machine Evo Go, - the first in the word nesting machnie that allows you to cut the board into samller formats and make holes for furniture fittings, both vertically and horizontally, in one uninterrupted production cycle without the intervention of an operator.
  • InfoTEC Basic 550 edgebander with return system - a modern edgebander for straight planes combined with an automatic return system, which significantly speeds up the process of edgebanding furniture elements.
  • Sortec inteligent shelf - a mobile shelf for forms, which remembers what you put in it, so that you will never make a mistake, and the furniture will be assembled according to the design
  • Montec table - a convenient place where the fitter will fold the cut piece of furniture, and the intuitive IT system will display assembly instructions to him.



Robotic production cell for nailing elements of furniture frames


During DREMA 2022, INFOTEC will present a "4x1" robotic production cell, which will be used for the production of furniture frames in the Live Furniture Factory.


The basis for the successful implementation of robots in the production of upholstered furniture is experience, knowledge and the ability to analyze customer needs. The INFOTEC brand is a leader in the supply of automated production cells for nailing furniture frames. INFOTEC robots can be launched by anyone, even without prior implementation or programming experience. Thanks to the intuitive operation, the average time needed by our customers to start working with the robotic line is a few hours from the time of assembly. Traditional robots that are difficult to program to do the same thing all the time, expensive accessories, heavy molds are a thing of the past. Thanks to the flexibility in the approach to the implementation process and the use of innovative technologies that take into account the specificity of the material which is "live" wood, the INFOTEC brand has developed a unique - the first in the world - station for nailing furniture frames tailored to the needs of both small and large companies in the upholstery furniture production.


The robotic station consists of:

  • 4 assembly stations for wooden frames adapted for quick conversion and change of the type of the frame being made
  • An industrial robot located on a track equipped with two types of automatic industrial staplers with the function of autonomous refilling with staples
  • Operator panel connected to the Digital Furniture Factory system.


The complete station is intended for fully automated production processes of frames and structures made of wood and wood-based materials. It provides simple operation and high assembly efficiency while maintaining perfect repeatability of the process.

  • increasing the accuracy and repeatability
  • increasing production efficiency.
  • increasing the competitiveness of the company.
  • reduction the number of defective products.


Automatic line for applying glue to the furniture frame


One of the processes in production of upholstered furniture in the Live Furniture Factory will be spraying glue on the furniture frame and sticking a previously cuted flexible foam to the place of spraying.


INFOTEC, as part of the Digital Upholstered Furniture Factory (UPHOLSTERY 4.0), will present to visitors an automated cell for spraying glue on a furniture frames in automatic mode.

This solution is unique and is designed to eliminate people from the time-consuming process of applying glue to the surface of the frame. During the manual application of the glue, the glue is often wasted or it does not reach all the necessary surfaces - this causes a loss of glue or the need to re-apply it by an employee, which significantly extends the process and causes additional costs.


The robotic gluing cell consists of:

  • industrial robot equipped with a pump and nozzles with glue
  • innovative glue application system based on two-component water glue
  • conveyor with a drive for preparing the loading of the frames,
  • conveyor with a drive controlled by a robot during gluing, effectively increasing the scope of gluing
  • conveyor with a drive for assembly and unloading,
  • system for securing the conveyor belts on which gluing takes place,
  • control system with the operator's panel with the possibility of easy recall of programs
  • barcode scanner for quick program calling.


Fully automatic line for cutting blocks into sheets and sheets into contours ACL 4.0


ACL 4.0 is a response to customers' problems related to the atomization of furniture orders and the related problems in the proper organization of the foam cutting process.

Our line is a remedy for the above-mentioned problems, guaranteeing high efficiency of the process in low-volume production of upholstered furniture


Line components:

  • Belt conveyors,
  • Automated block cutting machine horizontally into sheets with a stack preparation system
  • Vertical contour cutting machine
  • Line management system - IMANS Industry 4.0


Line concept:

Thanks to the automatic unloading and automatic deposition of each sheet after cutting, a plate stack is created, which is then quickly and easily transported to the vertical contour machine, where it is cut into curved elements.



Upholstery and furniture industry, automotive industry, packaging industry.


Processed materials:

PUR foams and reactive PUR, PE, EVA foams, mesh foams, melamine foams, sponge rubber,


Cutting tools:

Horizontal machine with elevator: sharpened wide band knife 60 mm x 0.6 mm,

Vertical contour machine: micro-toothed band knife 3.6 x 0.6 mm


IMANS Industry 4.0

All elements of the line are connected to the superior task management system IMANS (INFOTEC MANAGMENT and NESTING SYSTEM) which manages the entire cutting process and optimizes the use of material.

IMANS integrates with the client's IT system, ensuring smooth data exchange

Our software is a digital link in the customer's IT chain, enabling the management of the foam cutting line and optimization of preces.


IMANS is an open environment in which data exchange with other IT systems is simple.

Our system guarantees unlimited adaptation to the client's organization and completely safe data exchange.



  • Simultaneous, parallel and fully automatic job processing on both foam cutting machines for very high throughput
  • Combining both cutting machines with a conveyor system into one fully automatic line,
  • Very high production efficiency thanks to the high speed of contour and horizontal cutting,
  • Flexible adaptation of the system to different customer conditions - both machines for cutting foam can be set up in line or in parallel,
  • Both machines can be used separately at any time,



  • Save time
  • Significant increase in production efficiency
  • Optimization of employment in the plant
  • Repeatability and accuracy of the cut elements
  • Full control over the cutting process
  • Significant material savings


Digital line for furniture assembly integrated with IT systems


One of the stages in the furniture production process is assembling the previously manufactured elements into a complete piece of furniture ready for use.

At this stand, the INFOTEC brand will show visitors how to easily assemble beds with mattresses and wardrobes for children from Ukraine thanks to the use of assembly tables and displays connected to the UPHOLSTERY 4.0 system.

The station will be equipped with stable assembly tables equipped with a set of electrical connections and the necessary tools for fast and efficient assembly work. Thanks to the digital, easy and intuitive assembly instructions displayed on the monitor, students will know what exactly to do and what elements should be used to make the assemblling of the furniture successful.


The INFOTEC brand invites all industry practitioners to actively participate in DREMA 2022 and visit its stand, everyone will find something for themselves here.