Polish CNC Group among the Exhibitors of DREMA 2021!


The production of numerically controlled devices for the processing of engineering materials has no secrets for them! Polska Grupa CNC is constantly working on improving its products and delights with its fair exhibition! We are happy to welcome you among the Exhibitors of DREMA 2021!


Polska Grupa CNC − the Polish manufacturer of milling plotters is a family company that focuses on long-term relationships.

Its offer includes milling plotters intended primarily for processing such materials as wood, wood-like materials, plastics, and soft metals

For years Polska Grupa CNC has been appreciated by customers for:

  • ease of use combined with advanced technology
  • proven fast return on investment (value for money)
  • production safety thanks to a trusted group of specialists
  • discovering new ways to earn money through the versatile use of machines
  • results visible right after the implementation of production
  • simple and reasonable terms of cooperation

Depending on the selected model, the milling machines of Polska Grupa CNC have different technical parameters and allow you to work within the working area of various dimensions. The manufacturer offers devices in the Special and Pro lines − reinforced with AC servo drives on each axis.

The 1325 ACT milling plotter of Polska Grupa CNC won the Gold Medal of DREMA 2020
and the Gold Medal of Consumers’ Choice!

Having the latest technologies, high-class equipment, devices and components from the best manufacturers would be nothing without specialised staff with the highest competences. That is why Polska Grupa CNC constantly invests in the development of technical personnel, offering continuous improvement of technical knowledge and motivating to broaden the horizons of its employees. Teams of specialists dealing with specific fields are constantly at the disposal of customers.

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