Poland - the largest exporter of furniture in Europe


The Eurostat statistics confirm the predictions of professional analysts. In 2018, according to official data, Poland has overtaken Germany in terms of the value of furniture sold abroad and has become the European leader in furniture exports. "Polish Furniture Outlook 2020" is a report published by B+R Studio, which shows that in 2019 Poland exported furniture worth over EUR 11 billion, which making our country second in this sector led by China.

The whole world buys furniture from Poland

For years, large international trade groups have been purchasing furniture from Poland for their stores and retail chains, including XXXLutz, Alinea, Antares, Cilek,, Conforama, Diego, EVOK, Genomaks, HomeWorld Furniture, Homster, Wayfair, Westwing, Bega, Begros, Garant, Home24, Kika-Leiner, Multi-Möbel, EMV, Möbelix, Otto, Poco, Porta and Roller. Few people know that Polish furniture is present in the prestigious restaurant La Petite Maison in the Majestic Hotel in Cannes or in the Presidential Palace in Paris. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who is known for his passion for quality and comfort, also has a Polish leather couch. The launch of the first iPhone model in Germany was held with the use of display furniture made by a Polish producer. Polish furniture can be also found in the conference rooms used to hold a number of European Union summits. Thousands of stores and points selling furniture manufactured in Poland located around the world, dealerships of Polish furniture companies and logistics centres further confirm that Polish furniture is everywhere from Washington to Moscow via Paris and from Moscow to Washington via Singapore. Polish furniture is primarily a long-standing tradition, excellent product quality and functionality. This is evidenced by certificates and approvals confirming compliance with the strictest world standards concerning ergonomics and safety. Importantly, Polish producers are extremely flexible and open to any changes expected by foreign customers, regardless of whether they relate to the size, colour or other characteristics of furniture.


Production of furniture in Poland has doubled

Polish furniture industry is truly a global player. In the last ten years, the production of furniture in Poland has doubled and exports increased by 116%. In 2019, the furniture industry revenue amounted to nearly EUR 12 billion and increased by 5% year-on year. Poland is listed as the sixth largest furniture manufacturer in the world (following China, the USA, Germany, Italy and India). Polish producers achieve good results both in the sector of furniture made of chipboard and solid wood. Polish upholstered furniture gained international popularity, constituting the largest export group with a share of 26% (EUR 2.9 billion). Poland is also a global leader in the production and export of mattresses. During the last year, the highest growth rate was recorded for the kitchen furniture.