HOMAG Polska at the DREMA trade fair: the prestige of the event taking place right now in Poznań proves the great potential of the Polish wood and furniture industry


"HOMAG is a world market leader specializing in the production of machinery and equipment for the broader woodworking industry. That's why this week we simply couldn't miss the Poznan International Fair, host of such a prestigious event as DREMA. We have prepared an innovative, interactive pavilion for our customers and guests, where we show our latest products and solutions," - says Michal Piłat, board member of HOMAG Poland.

It is one of several hundred exhibitors attending the DREMA Fair in Poznan - the most important, most prestigious meeting of the wood and furniture industry in Poland and this part of Europe.

"Poland is one of the world's leading furniture manufacturers, which is also proven by the high prestige and interest in the ongoing DREMA Fair. Our country is also one of the largest exporters of all wood products. It is a very important branch for the Polish economy, generating thousands of jobs and multi-billion dollar budget revenues, so its interests and condition should be protected," explains Michał Piłat.

The DREMA Fair is the only event organized in Poland that is mentioned on the list of 14 global exhibitions devoted to the woodworking industry, officially supported by the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers, EUMABOIS. According to the latest data collected by trade fair institutions, the exhibition is ranked fifth among the world's most important expositions, right next to Germany's LIGNA, Italy's XYLEXPO, America's IWF Atlanta and China's WMF Shanghai.