Extensive knowledge and practical exercises for future carpenters! FDM Company on the experiences from the DREMA FOR CHILDREN event (VIDEO REPORT).


The final stage of the DREMA FOR CHILDREN 2023 campaign showcased sets of new furniture and mattresses from the FDM brand! The charitable efforts undertaken by our partners provide immense support to children in care and educational facilities in both Poland and Ukraine. The transportation of donated furniture has already set out from Poznań.

The live demonstration of our automated furniture factory also offered an opportunity to showcase the production processes to visitors and provided practical experience for students pursuing careers in relevant fields. All of this took place under the guidance of FDM brand ambassador, Mr. Dariusz Wardziak, widely known as @DarekStolarz.

During the production of the material, we also managed to capture a conversation with the coordinator of the entire project, Dr. Eng. Krzysztof Wiaderek, who reflected on this year's edition:"