DREMA Tour 2024


DREMA Tour is the largest and most important series of events dedicated to the wood and furniture industry in Poland, supported by market leaders: woodworking companies and furniture manufacturers, as well as key industry associations and media. DREMA Tour 2024 will be held in three cities: in Katowice (DREMASILESIA trade fair), Lublin (LUBDREW trade fair) and Poznan (DREMA trade fair).


All fairs organized under the DREMA TOUR banner will consist of three modules: ACADEMY, TARGET EXHIBITION and FABRICATION LIVE. The series of events included in the DREMA TOUT is a unique opportunity to present the latest achievements of Polish and foreign manufacturers of machinery, tools and equipment for the woodworking and furniture industries, as well as an ideal space for the presentation of contemporary technologies and solutions, created for professionals in the woodworking industry, furniture manufacturers, as well as woodworking enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts.

DREMA Tour features three main zones:

  • ACADEMY - is a conference zone designed to conduct workshops, lectures and meetings that will allow the exchange of knowledge on the situation in the industry, challenges, trends and sample solutions in robotization and automation.
  • TARGET EXHIBITION - this is an opportunity to present your offer in front of potential business partners from all over Poland, as well as a chance to preview the activities of the market competition.
  • LIVE FACTORY - is a demonstration space with shows of practical use of machinery, equipment and tools, during which furniture sets will be built. The factory produces furniture donated to worthy causes including orphanages located in Poland and Ukraine.


You are welcome to participate!

DREMASILESIA: Katowice, April 19-21, 2024

LUBDREW: Lublin, June 21-22, 2024

DREMA: Poznan, September 10-13, 2024

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

Aleksandra Szczepaniak
Aleksandra Szczepaniak
Nicoletta Królska
Nicoletta Królska