DREMA 2023 - the trade fair that drives the wood and furniture industry [summary]


Economic stability in today's world requires a strong and market-resilient infrastructure for the wood and furniture industry. The offer of DREMA 2023 held in Poznań on 12-15 September this year, presenting innovative solutions to improve the woodworking and furniture production process, showed that the event is a significant support for the industry in the sustainable transformation phase.


The thirty-ninth edition of the International Trade Fair of Machines, Tools and Components for the Wood and Furniture Industries proved that the entire wood and furniture industry meets in Poznań to discuss opportunities and directions for development and to counteract the crisis. More than 400 exhibitors from 16 countries presented their offer at this year's edition of the fair at the area of 16,700 m2. 10 products were awarded with the prestigious MTP Group Gold Medal distinction. For four fair days, the capital of Wielkopolska hosted more than 11,000 professionals from 24 countries, representing the woodworking and furniture manufacturing sector.


The DREMA trade fair is the main platform for promoting the wood industry. At present, among the defined greatest threats to the industry is, of course, inflation, but also the lack of availability of raw material and skilled personnel. In response to these challenges, all players in the wood and furniture industry should contribute to the promotion of Industry 4.0 and the development of automation in their companies. I am pleased that our exhibitors and partners present at the fair respond to these needs. - mentioned Andrzej Półrolniczak, director of the DREMA trade fair and president of the DROMA Association of Woodworking Machinery, Devices and Tools during the opening ceremony of DREMA 2023 .

DREMA 2023 showcased high-tech solutions, integrated systems and machines that can significantly reduce production costs and thus improve the efficiency, quality and sustainability of woodworking and furniture production. The exhibition ranged from the automation and digitisation of processes, the robotisation of workplaces to the use of new materials and technologies - all to support the resource-saving potential and to support the wood and furniture industry in times of crisis. There was no shortage of discussion on the challenges and ways to address the current issues facing manufacturing companies. The experts present at DREMA 2023 not only pointed out trends and optimum directions for change, but also advised on how to implement them effectively.


Our trade fair has become one of the most important events in the wood and furniture sector, both in Poland and in Central Europe, emphasises Andrzej Półrolniczak, DREMA trade fair director. - In one place, at the same time, visitors can experience the offerings of nearly 400 exhibitors from 20 countries. Every year, we strive to raise the bar higher and higher, aiming to maintain the highest quality of the events organised, while ensuring the well-being of the participants. This year is undoubtedly an exceptional one, as market volatility and the challenges posed by the industry crisis are mobilising companies to seek more and more cost-effective and efficient solutions. At Drema, we rely on robotisation and automation and believe strongly in it. At the same time, we demonstrate the versatility of the products and services on display, through the preparation of a comprehensive exhibition and the presentation of state-of-the-art technology in charity events. DREMA is a celebration of the industry where, in a business atmosphere, we share knowledge, innovation and, most importantly, HELP THOSE WHO NEED IT. The relationship with our customers combined with the professional organisation of the event are the strongest pillars based on which we are creating the future of the woodworking sector. - the director adds.

At this year's DREMA 2023, the 16th edition of the live furniture production show, under the motto DREMA Children for Ukraine, had its finale. With the participation of more than 40 industry partners, the state-of-the-art upholstered furniture and case furniture factory was set up in pavilion 6A on an area of 2,000 m2, equipped with robotic machinery and autonomous transport in terms of controlled logistics. All under the supervision of dedicated production management systems with RFID technology. For the first time, the Drema for Children initiative was a dispersed furniture production on the fairgrounds. In Hall 5, Homag, as a partner of the event, produced rack units by presenting the technological process from a sheet of furniture board to a package of furniture. In addition, at the DROMA Association exhibition space, affiliated companies presented the processing of plywood furniture components. Working together in the demonstration furniture factory, the partners, students and pupils produced more than 100 sets of furniture using: around 300 sheets of furniture board, around 6 m3 of plywood, more than 250 kilograms of furniture fittings, more than 100 kilograms of glue, around 4,000 m of furniture edging and more than 3,000 m2 of cardboard, as well as a huge amount of upholstery staples.


DREMA for Children is a charity event organised by the DROMA Association of Woodworking Machinery, Devices and Tools, the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the Poznań University of Life Sciences and Grupa MTP. Technological sponsorship of the event was provided by the Furniture Department of the Poznań University of Life Sciences and technology integrator, INFOTEC Engineering.


It was also successful in launching the #LAS DREMY (DREMA Forest) project - actions were taken to foster the safeguarding of timber resources and to create a public debate on sustainable policy, based on ecological values and respect for the environment. Participants of DREMA 2023 received dedicated pencils containing spruce seeds. Once the pencils have been used up and placed in the ground, real trees will start to grow out of the pencils. On the last day of this year's DREMA trade fair, 15 September 2023 - a symbolic planting of pencils with tree seedlings took place in a specially prepared space, thus marking the beginning of multifaceted cooperation in the reforestation of the Wielkopolska region.



On 13 September this year, the 8th National Furniture Congress “Polish Furniture - Competitive Poland”, prepared by the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, took place under the motto: “The furniture industry 2024 - new quality for new times”. The event attracted managers from leading furniture companies as well as from young  dynamic companies to Poznań.  Lectures and panel discussions addressed the following issues: Competition with Asian producers in foreign markets; Automating the industry! - What is our condition in comparison to the world?; Eco-design - the outlook of the Polish furniture industry; Current situation and perspectives of the wood and furniture sector in Poland; Cross-border: how efficient product information management accelerates entry into foreign markets; Strategies for hard times! Examples of companies and brands that resist the recession!; On design and its impact on industry competitiveness! Has Polish furniture developed a unique design and can Poland build a brand based on design?

The slogan of the congress "New quality for new times" is highly motivating for the Polish wood and furniture industry representatives to step up their efforts in times of crisis. Difficult conditions do not invalidate Poland's position on the market, but they are a motivation to work on maintaining the strength of the Polish wood and furniture industry - our goal is to stabilise the situation in these difficult times and maintain our position as the export leader of Polish furniture abroad. However, we have an advantage in several areas: we can guarantee our customers unquestionable product quality, a tailor-made approach, a modern and interesting design, a high level of engineering sophistication and faster delivery than Asian manufacturers can guarantee. The raw material that the Polish timber industry uses meets the requirements of the regulations, including the new deforestation regulation that will apply within the EU. Opportunities for the Polish wood and furniture industry are associated with the digitalisation and automation of production, as well as the creation of a brand image based on sustainable values. All these solutions can be seen at DREMA. - this is how Filip Bittner, Vice-President of Grupa MTP summarised the Congress.


The TRENDY 2024 exhibition, which complemented and at the same time provided a springboard for the woodworking machines and technologies presented at this year's DREMA 2023, was highly attended. Event partners: Abro, Akces Plast, Amix, Anto-Tech, Bimak, Niemann Polska, RARO, Star Polska, Starsprings Poland, Tente, showed novelties and trends in design and furniture design (the latest solutions in the sector of components, decors, upholstery fabrics and raw materials), drew attention to interesting design that can be an inspiration for many designers, furniture creators and interior designers.


The Congress of Women in the Wood and Furniture Industry is the fourth initiative of this kind at DREMA, integrating women working in the furniture and wood sector. On 14 September 2023, a meeting was held, prepared on behalf of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers and the MTP Group, entitled. “How to be successful in a world of new challenges”? During the event, an introductory lecture entitled “The success of the Polish furniture industry is also a result of the success of women”, was delivered by Professor Ewa Ratajczak, who talked about passion and success and what blocks us from achieving it. Current industry issues have also appeared, including digitalisation in the area of design (modern communication and the use of digital channels, such as omnichannel, artificial intelligence and augmented reality (VR), as well as 3D models and design applications) - a topic introduced to the participants by Małgorzata Rusin from VOX. The panel discussion became a huge source of inspiration - the talks were held under the theme “Women in a world of new challenges”.  Invited female wood and furniture business leaders: Agnieszka Chmielewska (Complet Furniture), Eliza Pawlik-Rykaczewska (IKEA), Karolina Tymorek (FSC Poland) and Aleksandra Pawlina_Janyga (MTP Group) who moderated the discussion, shared their ideas and experience and sought answers to questions such as: what challenges do contemporary women face, how to achieve work-life balance in a world of ever-changing challenges, how to motivate oneself to act, how not to lose confidence in oneself in the event of a temporary setback and how to cope with this state of affairs.



A considerable part of DREMA 2023 was dedicated to woodworking, hand tools and power tools. This is quite a treat for professionals, DIY enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts alike. With them in mind, an exhibition was prepared with a wide presentation of machinery in motion, tools and equipment for woodworking, a comprehensive range of supplies for furniture manufacturers (raw materials, materials, components, technologies). 

The DREMA Tools and DREMA Hobby zones continued at this year's fair, where ITA Tools and its partners presented a full range of tools for carpentry, craftsmen, the finishing industry and even DIY users. There were also live workshops on the complex processing of modern materials used in the furniture industry, as well as demonstrations of tool sharpening using the innovative laser ablation method.

Numerous workshops, demonstrations and training sessions took place at the LIVE WOODWORKING zone, prepared by the NARZEDZIOHOLICY.PL portal and The TOOLS quarterly. Over an area of 400 m2, 3 activity zones awaited visitors: a presentation of products and solutions, a games zone with numerous competitions and live woodworking - invited teams (, Grupa Parkieciarze and the roofing trio - 3brody) worked live presenting their craftsmanship, also sharing their knowledge and experience.

A new feature of this year's DREMA 2023 was the Youtubers' Show Zone , which featured well-known internet creators: Michał Szczurek (ARGO Woodcraft) and Patryk Olender (Wood Flow) demonstrated the craftsmanship of woodworking on equipment solutions provided by Felder. Together they made a designer oak table, which was put up for auction after the fair, with the proceeds going to charity (the rehabilitation of 5-year-old Alicja).

Regular programme points were also included at DREMA 2023 fair: The Parquet Zone with demonstrations and parquet workshops - managed by the Association of Polish Parquet Makers, DREMA Design - a creative space for wood product design and consultation meetings; The Skills Testing Ground and varnishing demonstrations prepared by the Paint Industry magazine, the Clean Air Zone with an exposition of modern and ecological solutions and systems for heating from Biomass Warehouse, the exhibition of competition exhibits Conjured from Wood and the 22nd Polish Championships in Nail Hammering organised on behalf of the Inwestor Publishing House, Forklift Truck Shows from Toolmex Truck.

In the opinion of the participants, DREMA 2023 is an event that helps representatives of the wood and furniture industry to establish promising business relations and find new customers. For four days, the Poznań International Trade Fair presented novelties from the woodworking industry, equipment innovations and market premieres, as well as solutions that will set trends for years to come!

You are cordially invited to participate in the 40th anniversary edition of the DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines, Tools and Components for the Wood and Furniture Industries to be held on 10-13 September 2024, of course in Poznań! Looking forward to seeing you!