Recent months have not been favourable for the wood and furniture industry. This is due to the escalating energy crisis, declining orders and exports of furniture and wood products, constantly rising raw timber prices, disruptions in supply chains or rising inflation. How to cope with market instability and survive in difficult times? This is what professionals will be discussing in Poznań in September at the most important meeting of the wood and furniture industry in Central and Eastern Europe - the DREMA 2023 fair.

Poland is the world's third largest furniture exporter. However, competition in the furniture market is strong, both from Asian manufacturers and from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. With rising production costs, maintaining the strong international position of the Polish furniture industry requires companies to take a number of measures, including investing in solutions that help optimise production and mitigate the negative impact on the environment.

DREMA 2023 will showcase high-tech solutions, integrated systems and machines that can significantly reduce production costs and thus improve the efficiency, quality and sustainability of woodworking and furniture production. The exhibition will cover both the automation and digitisation of processes, the robotisation of workplaces and the use of new materials and technologies - all to support the potential for saving resources.

- The key to maintaining further dynamic growth in the Polish industry in the coming years will be further optimisation of production processes and their automation. Without this, we will lose our competitiveness. We will not be able to avoid the high costs of raw materials, energy or wages, so we must look for advantages and opportunities precisely in the improvement of processes and automation of production. Personally, I expect that in the coming years, robotisation will become a permanent feature of furniture factories. Continued support programmes will certainly help in this regard. And as for furniture itself, we will definitely be looking for new materials that can be used in furniture production. The problems with raw timber will rather get worse, so we have to look for an alternative. The only question is when we will find it and whether it will be equally ecological. - stresses Michał Strzelecki, Director of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers.


The power of the DREMA fair has the power to attract. The exhibitors of the next edition have already been joined by the industry leaders. The latest technologies for the wood and furniture industry will once again fill the halls at Poznań International Fair from 12 to 15 September 2023. Although there are still more than three months until the start of DREMA, the exhibition space has already been largely booked. Evidence of the very strong demand for meetings for professionals, such as DREMA, is the strong representation of key companies from the innovation sector, a wide presentation of machinery in operation and woodworking equipment, a comprehensive supply offer for furniture manufacturers (raw materials, materials, components, technologies, machines and tools). It is worth noting that the DREMA fair is listed among 12 world exhibitions supported by EUMABOIS - European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers and it is THE ONLY fair in Poland in this ranking.

- We appreciate that our exhibitors treat their presence at DREMA as “obvious” enter it in their business calendar, also recommending participation in the event to other companies. We can already proudly announce that the following leaders have already announced their participation in DREMA 2023: ALLCOMP POLSKA, BIZEA, BOSCH, CEHPOL, DROMA, FELDER GROUP POLSKA, FREUD, HOMAG POLSKA, IMA SCHELLING, IMAC, ITA, ITA TOOLS, KEMICHAL, KSM CUTTING, LAZZONI GROUP, METAL-TECHNIKA, NESTRO, NEU-JKF, N-POL, OTTO MARTIN MASCHINENBAU, POLISH CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF THE WOODWORKING INDUSTRY, PRETA, PUREKO, ROJEK, SABA POLSKA, SERON, STRIMA, WOOD TECHNOLOGIES, TEX SYSTEM, WEINIG VERTRIEB UND SERVICE, WOOD-MIZER INDUSTRIES, YASKAWA POLSKA. - says Andrzej Półrolniczak, the DREMA fair director.

Market premieres and industry novelties are just one of the factors determining participation in the DREMA fair. Increasingly, the magnet that attracts all modern technology enthusiasts to Poznań is the programme of accompanying events, which complements the innovative exhibition. This year it will include a lot of practical knowledge on automation and robotisation of processes, digital transformation and ways to maintain production continuation in unpredictable times. Experts will not only point out trends and optimal directions for change, but will also advise on how to implement them effectively.


- Today's trade fair is not just an exhibition in halls, but an event that combines the rich offer of the industry's leading companies with the energy of meetings, the exchange of ideas and knowledge from numerous debates, conferences and demonstrations taking place in the same space. We try to encourage our partners and industry leaders to share their knowledge and co-create the fair through various activities. We focus on high-profile issues that have a direct impact on the development of innovative technologies in the wood and furniture industry. - adds the DREMA trade fair director.

The meeting of professionals representing the wood and furniture industry will be a platform for discussing the challenges faced by companies operating in this market in the context of staff shortages, shortage of raw materials and supply problems, or increasing efficiency through the use of automation and robotisation of production processes. It will also be the place for the exchange of experience regarding the use of digitalisation solutions and the Internet of Things by Polish and global leaders, as well as an opportunity to talk to experts about counteracting current problems, which has a practical dimension.

Representatives of the wood sector will certainly be interested in the 10th Anniversary Congress of the Wood Industry KOOPDREW - an international conference of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, addressing threats and challenges for the wood industry in Poland and worldwide. On the other hand, during the 8th Polish Furniture Congress specialists from the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers will talk about where the furniture sector is heading and how to prepare for new economic phenomena. There will be no shortage of regular programme items: DROMA Live Furniture Factory - i.e. live demonstrations of the latest technologies in furniture/wood product manufacturing using Polish machinery, the Drema for Children project and production of children's furniture for charity purposes, the Parquet Zone with demonstrations and parquet workshops - managed by the Association of Polish Parquet Makers, the Skills Testing Ground and varnishing demonstrations prepared by the Industrial Varnishing magazine, DREMA Tools space organised in cooperation with ITA Tools, where innovative technologies of tool sharpening and regeneration will be presented live, the Clean Air Zone with an exhibition of modern and ecological solutions and systems for heating, an exhibition of competition exhibits Conjured from Wood and the 22nd Polish Championships in Nail Hammering organised on behalf of the Inwestor Publishing House, the Tool Zone from Narzę - an event aimed at presenting new solutions, technologies, tool demonstrations and the craftsmanship of the invited partners, guests and leaders of the tool industry.

A new feature of this year's DREMA 2023 will be the Zone of Furniture Industry Trends - a meeting place and exhibition of companies from the furniture industry, design shows and the latest design related to furniture design (boards, fabrics, fittings).

DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines, Tools and Components for the Wood and Furniture Industries will be held on 12-15 September 2023, on the grounds of Poznań International Fair - you are cordially invited!