A new dimension of trade shows - DREMA, Furnica and Sofab joining forces!


The woodworking and furniture industries are noting a slight decline. Staff shortages, rising prices of materials and energy as well as deterioration of the economic situation in western countries require manufacturers to introduce significant changes and look for ways to maintain profitability. DREMA is the place where we comprehensively respond to the current challenges faced by the industry, while at the same time promoting the achievements of the Polish woodworking and furniture industries.


The Polish manufacturing output potential is constantly growing. In 2018, the value of furniture production in Poland exceeded PLN 49 billion, and the value of export is approaching PLN 48 billion, which leaves Polish manufacturers second in Europe. The success of Polish furniture worldwide is important for the Polish economy as the sector generates as much as 2.31% of the Polish GDP, while the average for the EU countries is 0.61%.

Unfortunately, manufacturing development rate is not commensurate with profitability. There are some indications that the industry needs to change its strategy and adapt to the current market requirements.


Challenges for the industry

The woodworking and furniture industries are undergoing continuous transformation and are faced with serious challenges. Over the last few years, it is not only production rules that have changed, but also customer expectations in terms of adapting products to the changing lifestyle. These determinants also significantly shape the way trade fairs are organised. As time goes by, DREMA is also changing! Above all, what makes the event so special is the diversity of the exhibition. Up to now, the International Trade Fair of Components for Furniture Production and the International Trade Fair of Upholstery Materials and Components for Upholstered Furniture have been independent events, but will have become an integral part of DREMA since the 2020 edition. That will provide participants with a holistic presentation of technological solutions for the woodworking and furniture industries (from raw materials, through materials and components to technologically advanced machines and equipment for furniture production). From 15 to 18 September 2020 in Poznań, together with market leaders and renowned brands, we will be shaping the future under one globally recognized brand with a new name - DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines, Tools and Components for the Wood and Furniture Industries.


Drema - world brand

The DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines, Tools and Components for the Wood and Furniture Industries is the most important industry-facing event in Poland and the largest supply centre for furniture manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. DREMA, organized by the MTP Group, is one of the leading global exhibitions dedicated to the woodworking industry. According to the latest data about the exhibition industry, DREMA is ranked 5th amongst the world’s largest exhibitions, following the German LIGNA, Italian XYLEXPO, American IWF Atlanta and Chinese WMF Shanghai. The prestige of the Poznań exhibition is also derived from being in the list of 15 world exhibitions dedicated to the woodworking industry, which are officially endorsed by EUMABOIS, the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers.


What's new?

“DREMA 2020 offers a completely new quality. As part of the exhibition, in addition to a wide range of machinery in operation and equipment for woodworking, it is worth planning time for a large dose of knowledge as events on the agenda will address all the problems faced by the woodworking and furniture industries, both in Poland and abroad,” highlights Andrzej Półrolniczak, DREMA and DremaSilesia trade fair director.

Separate shows and presentations will be held within the DREMA Design and Trend Forum areas. The event partners will demonstrate the latest novelties and trends in furniture design (the latest solutions in the sector of components, decors, upholstery fabrics and raw materials), showcase interesting Polish design, which will provide inspiration for many designers and interior designers. Thanks to discussion clubs located in the key points on the exhibition floor, there will be opportunities to discuss ergonomics and the future of furniture making.

New sales channels for furniture, wood and wood-based materials, as well as logistics and transport are also significant topics. Transport and packaging are an important element in the supply chain of raw materials and furniture aiming at international expansion. They may also significantly contribute to building a competitive advantage. It is more and more often that we can see the offerings for so-called “white gloves delivery” services, which include transport and comprehensive services, including furniture assembly and removal of old equipment. Thus, the element that previously strongly discouraged users from purchasing products becomes another area for customer excellence. At DREMA, we will also address the process of storing wood, wood-based materials and furniture, as well as specialist transport.


Towards Industry 4.0

Innovation is extremely important in the woodworking and furniture sectors. Rising wages and salaries for employees and a decreasing number of people willing to work in the sector make it necessary to optimize production processes and use raw materials and energy-saving technologies. Automation of production makes it possible to reduce the work load for people working in harmful conditions, in contact with chemical substances. At the same time, the production process can be made faster and more efficient thanks to robots. At DREMA, through live factories and thanks to the participation of market leaders, it is possible to personally experience and observe the “Industry 4.0” process.

“In order to be efficient in the industry and keep up with the economic situation, domestic companies need to develop and invest in innovations, taking advantage of the demand for Polish furniture. This is why, in order to be more competitive, both on the domestic and foreign markets, it is worthwhile introducing new technologies into the production process, increasing the comfort of work, productivity and flexibility of production,” explains the director of DREMA trade fair.

Ecology is a powerful trend in the industry - the exhibition of Poznań trade fairs will focus on eco-design and sustainable production in order to minimize the negative impact of the woodworking and furniture industries on the natural environment and improve the life cycle of products.  In addition, utilizing modern machinery, equipment and solutions can improve productivity and material flow management, reduce failure rates and utilities costs, primarily electricity.


Why is it worth it?

“A large exhibition space, a number of specialist showrooms, abundance of congresses, conferences and shows, interesting complementary events, demonstration of live factories and machines in operation at exhibitor stands, a live online studio, participation of well-known Internet artists working with wood - these and more will allows us to get to learn about the latest developments and solutions from all key sectors of the wood and furniture industries,” convinces Andrzej Półrolniczak.

The DREMA 2020 trade fair will feature thematic exhibitions: Wooden House, Sawmills, Knowledge Zone, Hand and Power Tools, Drema Design and Trend Forum, Furniture Components for Furniture Production, Adhesives and Varnishes, Woodworking Tools, Woodworking Machinery, Furniture Industry, Sofab - Upholstered Furniture Production, Warehousing and Logistics. The offering of the exhibitors will be complemented by special exhibition areas devoted to Drema Tools, Paint Shop Testing Zone, Drema for Kids, Innovative Kitchen, Upholstery 4.0, Demonstrations of Forklift trucks. The trade show will also feature two international conferences aimed at raising awareness among trade fair participants and providing them with information on the woodworking and furniture industry: The KOOPDREW Wood Industry Congress and the POLISH FURNITURE - COMPETITIVE POLAND National Furniture Congress.


DREMA 2020

Today, Poland is a major player in the furniture industry, and domestic furniture and wood companies have the ambition to grow further. By visiting the Poznań’s DREMA 2020, the participants will find ways to reach a higher level of technological advancement. The new formula of the fair is prepared with the view to new market challenges. One of the advantages of the September meeting for professionals is that it promotes wood, design and industry-specific know-how. Thanks to extensive information and promotion activities, cooperation with market leaders, leading magazines and Internet portals, from 15 to 18 September 2020 the Poznań International Fair will be expecting plenty of visitors from Poland and abroad, who will be looking for the best solutions for the woodworking and furniture sectors, as well as inspiration for their companies.