5 reasons for buying furniture from Poland


Polish furniture is very popular around the world. Poland is currently the sixth largest furniture manufacturer and second exporter in the world (just behind China). What makes the international traders to buy furniture from Poland?

  1. Low prices

Polish furniture provides outstanding value for money. This is mainly due to the still relatively low labour costs. According to the latest calculations of B+R Studio, based on Eurostat data, Polish furniture industry has the highest efficiency ratio (revenue in relation to labour costs) in Europe. The low prices result also from wide availability of local raw materials for furniture production.


  1. High quality furniture

It is value for money, which is the biggest asset of Polish furniture, appreciated by foreign furniture buyers. However, furniture manufactured in Poland offers also the highest European quality. Polish furniture manufacturers observe strict EU standards of ergonomics and user safety.  High quality of products is confirmed by many certificates, approvals and attestations.


  1. Cutting-edge machinery

In the last decade, Polish furniture factories have gone through a real technological revolution. In recent years, the annual value of investments in the furniture industry in Poland exceeded EUR 300M. All major manufacturers operate modern machinery, ensuring efficient production according to the latest standards.


  1. Experience in exporting customised furniture

Polish furniture manufacturers provide their products to the largest international purchasing groups and retail chains. A significant part of the furniture distributed under the brands of well-known European and global sales networks is produced in Poland. Over the years, Polish manufactured have gained vast experience in cooperation with foreign customers and adapted their production and logistics systems to the needs of wholesale clients from abroad.


  1. Production flexibility

Do you need furniture in a particular size or specific colour? No problem. Polish producers are extremely flexible and open to adapt their products to your needs in many aspects - you are free to choose colours, dimensions and other parameters of ordered of furniture.