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Get to know new products of DREMA, Furnica i Sofab 2019.






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ASP-631 WL Premium


Grinding machine designed for automatic sharpening circular saws controlled in 5 axes with a built-in Renishaw probe that allows sharpening saws with uneven tooth spacing and detecting broken teeth.


Pavilion 5, stand 52




KADIMEX Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp.k.

FLOWCOROLL G priming coating system of individual parts in horizontal positon

  • the application of transparent glazes of different colors
  • easy cleaning
  • a quick change of paint
  • uniform coating result in darker shades on



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KADIMEX Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością sp.k.

Finger Joint Cutters 6/7mm HS-Super



  • new steel type \"HS-Super\" used in cutters production
  • longer lifetime according to standard cutters
  • better quality of connection
  • saving the wood
  • 40% less chips

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Stanley Black and Decker Polska Sp z .o.o.

Nailers serie IC90

BOSTITCH ® has just introduced to the Polish market an IC90 industrial nailer, which is able to drive up to 1 million pieces of nails with a diameter of up to 3.1 mm and a length of up to 90 mm without the need for any service - i.e. more than twice as many shots compared with similar nailers .
The IC90C-1-E by BOSTITCH (version for CHEP) offers unprecedented safety standards - as the world\'s first nailer was equipped with a second, integrated pneumatic handle, which reduces the risk of fatigue and eliminates the risk of accidental injury. The reduced noise and vibration levels additionally improve the comfort of work.
Each tool in the IC90 series has been constructed to be as light and compact as possible, ensuring high comfort of use. It has an easy mechanism to adjust the depth of drive.
IC90 series nailers provide best-in-class durability thanks to the patented bumper and beater design, with all key metal parts made of high strength steel. In the event of a necessary repair, the special design of the nailer allows servicing of the nailer from above, e.g. changing the bumper without removing the nose.
The design of the nailer allows you to drive nails up to 90 mm long and 3.1 mm in diameter at a speed of up to five nails per second.
Technical data of the IC90-1-E version (standard):
Type of power supply Pneumatic
Weight: 5.3 kg
386 mm wide
413 mm long
182 mm high
Magazine capacity (max.) 225
F Series of connectors:
Thickness (mm) 2.5 (min.) 3.1 (max.)
Length (mm) 45 (min.) 90 (max.)
Head (mm) 7.2 (min.) 7.2 (max.)
Joining angle 15
Working pressure: 4.9 - 7 BAR
71 - 120 PSI

Noise level: LPA 1sd 88 / 2.5
LWA 1sd 97.5 / 2.5
LPA 1s, 1m 84.5 / 4
Vibration level / Indeterminacy 2.9 / 0.1 m / s2


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TopSolution Integracje

TopSolid Wood

TopSolid Wood is a complete CAD/CAM product to meet your manufacturing requirements - retrieval, modification, creation, building on know-how, control of operations and machines, publication and organization of technical data.



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The four-section hydraulic rotary press is designed for glueing laminated beams. The machine hydraulically compresses in two dimensions: horizontally and vertically. 4 section of loading allows increasing production efficiency.


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ProROBOTic 4.0 Machining Center


The PRO ROBOTic 4.0 Robotic Machining Center is a center built in accordance with the concept of Industry 4.0. The configuration of the machine allows it to be implemented in an extensive, automated machine park, but it will also be an excellent equipment for a small carpentry workshop. It guarantees efficient work supervised by a maximum of one operator, whose role is limited to delivering a pallet of work pieces to be processed to the place of collection of materials by the robot and collecting ready palletized fabrications. The center allows to reduce human resources, optimize production costs and has a significant impact on even higher quality of products.
The machine was designed based on the construction of the highest series machines, the PRO line. The machine body made of welded steel elements is ribbed and enriched with composite additives, then it is subjected to the process of annealing and machining with one fastening. The innovative construction of the machine\'s carriage support based on a steel, also ribbed construction, combined with elements made of light metals and composites allows for high dynamics as well as operating and traveling speeds resulting in maximization of the machine\'s efficiency.
The machine control is equipped with intuitive solutions, which makes operation simple, while the interface is friendly and legible. The operator can track the progress of the process in real time and adjust machining parameters.
The used communication protocols enable remote software update as well as service access and correction of parameters not only of the main control, but also of all key machine components such as electrospindle, inverters and valve terminals. In addition, technicians have the ability to monitor the status of major components in real time and have access to reporting histories. This allows you to reduce service visits by up to 70%, which also minimizes machine downtime.




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IDV - viscose dissipation chambers

In the innovative IDV dryer, heat is generated thanks to a \"viscous dissipation\" process which transform the speed of the air generated by the ventilators into thermal energy. Incomc\'s IDV model allows for a significant reduction of total energy and operating costs per cubic metre.




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P.H.M. Polcomm Dariusz Kozak

Straight cutter heads for PCD knives


The geometry of PCD knives and lightweight aluminum body reduce the level of noise emission. The unique fixing system interchangeable diamond knives, as well as their easy replacement and the possibility of multiple sharpenings, ensures a prolonged tool life.









Pavilion 3A, stand 6






The NEW NESTRO sheet metal silo NBS and NBS-WS, 5,2m


The NESTRO sheet metal silo NBS and NBS-WS is a steel construction with galvanized steel sheet paneling with a structural design for an explosion pressure load of 0.2 bar. It is available in 8 sizes with a volume of between 101 and 419 m³. It has a self-supporting roof that is used to mount a ceiling filter.

The silo is erected on a flat concrete surface. Structure certified according to EN 10204 3.1.




Pavilion 5, stand 44







The Nestro products in augmented reality AR on your phone or tablet!


See the Nestro products in augmented reality on your phone or tablet!

Scan teh QR code located on the right

* open and download the \"Nestro AR\" app from your store

* install the application

* clik Launch, then Start and point the phone at the Nestro product

* enjoy the expanded reality!




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Scanwir Łukasz Wojtkun, Rafał Pankowski Sp.j.


Wiertarka specjalna WS-01

The possibility of drilling wooden elements from one clamping with three heads in five axes














Pavilion 5A, stand 6




CIECH Sarzyna



Epoxy composition based on EPIDIAN® DECO
is an exceptional combination of a transparent
resin with a selected hardener, dedicated to create
unusual, impressive elements of interior design.
- casting of fully transparent objects
- sealing of small objects in transparent resin
- creation of furniture and decorations based on wood
and transparent or coloured resin compositions
- filling of “canyons” in decorative tabletops
coating of wooden surfaces
- other artistic and decorative solutions


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INTERMET Kotły Grzewcze Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością S.K.A.

Ekomat RTPO Power Unit


Ekomat RTPO Power Unit is intended for combustion of wooden waste qualified as “non-hazardous”, including post-production scrap from furniture manufacturing factories (MDF, HDF boards) of maximal size of 30 mm, moisture below 25% and content of organic halides compounds below 1%





Pavilion 3, stand 11







CNC drilling centre morbidelli cx220


The best solution for batch-1 processes. Compact and smart CNC drilling centres, perfect to grant drilling on 5 sides of the panel, grooving and routing operations. No manual inverventions on the machine between two operations allowing uninterrupted machining cycle.

Also available with automated panel return conveyor for a continuous cycle production.




Pavilion 6, stand 17







Turning and milling machining center TK-1000


Turning and milling machining center TK-1000 has 4 interpolated CNC axes. The machine is equipped with feeding unit for working in automatic cycle. It has a turning head equipped with a special turning cutter, a shaping (milling) head, and a sanding head for straight profiles. TK is equipped with 2 milling aggregates (vertical and horizontal) with manual tool change. Additionally it can be equipped with a sanding unit for turned parts. Thanks to 2 sanding units, you can get a finished sanded and milled element.



Pavilion 5, stand 9






Circular saw class px 350i


Circular saw with mobile carriage and tiltable blade up to 46°, with pressure beam to operate in safety with working space reduced up to 50% compared to a traditional circular saw.




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Polska Grupa CNC

Ploter frezujący 2131 AUTO

Machining center for cutting, drilling, milling, engraving of material. It has an automatic and integrated system of loading boards and unloading cutted parts. Stable construction provides maximum precision and reliability, and easy access to the machine enables the machine to be operated by one operator.




Pavilion 6, stand 41





Becker Polska sp z o.o.


Claw vacuum pumps BCV 100 - BCV 300


The new BCV claw vacuum pump series in the 100 to 325m3 / h range extends Becker\'s existing product portfolio. Becker claw vacuum pumps are characterized by high efficiency, compact design and low maintenance costs.


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Agencja AMK Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Odie\'s Oil

Odie\'s Oil is a solvent free, non-toxic, food safe, one coat finish and stabilizer that can be used for all interior and exterior applications. Use on wood, stone, concrete, clay, brick, metal, plastic, leather surfaces. It contains no chemicals, hardeners or driers. It contains no \"fillers\" or low-quality refined oils to thin down the product to make it cheaper to manufacture, however it covers 20 times the area of conventional wood finishes. Each ingredient in Odie\'s Oil is sourced for purity and quality to ensure its effectiveness in the Odie\'s Oil secret formula. The raw materials are then blended in a proprietary, handmade process that ensures an effective and superior finish and stabilizer. Odie\'s Oil has a creamy, pale amber color and a honey-like consistency with a pleasant odor.


Pavilion 5, stand 65






ASP 631 WL Premium


Automatic Grinding machine for sharpening circular saws with standard and uneven tooth pitch controlled in 5 axes.



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Leitz Polska Sp. z o.o.


ProfilCut Q PLUS


ProfilCut Q PLUS sustainably reduces production costs with resharpenable, diameter- and profile-constant cut-ting edges. Especially for machines with high parts output, this system offers more efficiency and productivity while saving resources – and all this in proven Leitz quality. Due to the six tool lives per knife, machining costs are reduced by up to 20 %.



■ 5 times resharpenable

■ Constant profile and diameter after sharpening

■ Shorter machining times with maximum performance

■ Minimization of set-up times



■ ProfilCut Q PLUS

for cutting speeds (vc)

up to 90 m/s

■ ProfilCut Q PLUS Premium for cutting speeds (vc)

up to 120 m/s

■ Light metal tool body

■ Diameter up to 650 mm

■ Suitable for all conventional moulding machines

■ For soft and hard wood, wood derived materials, plastics






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Nawara Serwis s.c. Marzena i Rafał Nawara

Odciąg Klejowy KORAL


Adhesive extraction KORAL is a device supporting the quality of production. It is designed to remove particles of coating materials floating in the air from the surrounding of the manufactured objects, which did not hit the surface of the object and threaten damage to the product, and worse health of people in the room.


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Leitz Polska Sp. z o.o.


The new DT Premium compact hogger is the solution for increasing produc-tivity thanks to its long tool life – with perfect quality on the edge and cutting surface. Thanks to the new tooth shape, optimum machining results are achieved over the entire tool life cycle. The targeted removal of the chips and the vibration-reducing tool body further increase the tool life and thus the economic efficiency.

■ Long tool lifes even in different materials
■ Perfect quality on edge and cutting surface

■ Constant cutting width over the entire life cycle
■ Two different tooth shapes possible
■ DFC® chipbreaker and gullet area
■ Damping elements on the tool body
■ 15 times resharpenable
■ Suitable for all conventional panel materials
■ Available at short notice
■ Diamond tipped


Pavilion 3A, stand 2




Leitz Polska Sp. z o.o.


The solution is offered by the Leitz solid tungsten carbide hinge boring bit with three cutting edges. This tool not only drills faster but also better. The consequences are fewer rejects and the reduction of manual reworking on the workpiece.

■ High boring quality
■ Long lifetime
■ Less reworking
■ Process security

■ Design in righthand and lefthand direction
■ Optimized spurs for better boring quality
■ Multiple resharpenable
■ Diameter 18–35 mm
■ Suitable for all conventional boring systems and boring gears
■ Suitable for all panel materials and conventional decors
■ Available from stock
■ Solid tungsten carbide
cutting edges



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Leitz Polska Sp. z o.o.

HeliPlan planing cutter


With the new HeliPlan planing cutter from Leitz, an almost mark-free finish quality can be achieved. Together with efficient chip removal and higher tool feeds, the entire workflow is optimized. When machining plastics, the HeliPlan planing cutter enables surfaces in finish quality.



■ Nearly mark-free finish quality

■ Finish quality in plastics

■ Excellent chip removal

■ Reduced cutting time due to higher tool feeds

■ Turnblades and disposable cutting edges



■ 4-times turnable carbide cutting edges

■ Diameter 80-180 mm

■ Applicable in MDF, plastics and solid wood

■ Particularly suitable for CNC machining centres

■ Available ex stock




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Nawara Serwis s.c. Marzena i Rafał Nawara



VACOMAX is a mobile vacuum filter. Its service life is long due to the large expansion chamber and the fan placed on the clean side of the device. The device provides easy control of the filling level of waste containers due to revisions installed in the containers.



Pavilion 5, stand 4




Abrasives Group

Abrawood o


Innovative abrasive material for sanding belts. It’s main properties include very high stability, long-live and working lifespan, especially in hard working conditions. Perfect for resinous wood types.


Abrasives Group


Abrawood so+



Innovative abrasive material for sanding belts. It’s main properties include very high stability, long-live and working lifespan.

Provides an even level of scratches from start to the end of sanding belt’s working life.






Stan na 29.08.2019



Innovative Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for furniture industry

Augmented reality technology (AR) naturally introduces three-dimensional furniture into real environments. With our AR solutions, it is possible to see a selected cabinet or armchair in your surroundings as a virtual model that perfectly imitates the look and size of the actual furniture.

Customers are now able to “try” the furniture before buying and in result they become convinced to order this product online.

After the purchase, interactive instructions utilizing AR can realistically present the assembly process in 3D and fill the cognitive gap in the customer\'s imagination. Elements are presented in motion through 3D animations, ensuring proper understanding of the tasks to be performed.

AR currently works on smartphones, and the group of customers who can use it is already substantial and constantly growing. AR seems to be created for the needs of furniture companies for which the visualization of furniture or the process of their assembly brings great value to the final recipient.


Pavilion 7A, stand 47




Design Light Sp. z o.o.



Automatically ejectable LIFT BOX USB is a modern furniture extension power socket, recessed in the table worktop, available in aluminum and black colour, with 3 schuko sockets and 2 additional USB sockets.
Ejecting and leaving the sockets is done automatically when the illuminated switch symbol is touched.
The device can be stopped at any time and will also stop itself if it encounters an obstacle.



Pavilion 7, stand 33





Bester Sklejki


3D architectural panels selection

3D architectural panels collection by Bester Studio is a brand new invention in the Polish interior design market. Made out of 100% natural wood, designed to introduce warmth and simplicity to modern spaces. Fancy forms, coloring that stimulates one's imagination, limitless possibilities of arranging and composing. These are the distinguishing marks of the Bester Studio's 3D architectural panels.
The FORM collection emerged from a synergy - on the one hand, thanks to works of Polish designers, on the other hand, due to an inspiration from the Danish design. The collections consist of 6 models: Evan, Hoop, Lysse, Stilke, Stellar i Trigo. Wonderfully mirrored lights owing to the panels dashing shapes. All that topped with thin, immaculately smooth, hand-sanded edges.
Wood's authenticity and high quality served in the best possible way.
Discover a new face of plywoods.

Pavilion 7A, stand 1




Ecru Oprogramowanie



PRO100 CNC - plugin for PRO100 software for operating CNC maschines and creating parametric models of furniture and components. Test installations are allready controlling the real anufacturing processes. There is the compatiblity with leading CNC maschines manufacturers planned.


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PUREKO Sp. z o.o.




Textile products in the technology - spun bond, i.e. loose fiber binding under the influence of high temperature, are produced on a new, superfast production line using the latest achievements of industrial automation and based on a computer process management system.

Pavilion 8A, stand 28





STRIMA Sp. z o.o.


ZOJE ZJ-M5-S900H-SF SET - Programmable pattern sewing machine for very large elements


From now on production process will be even easier - don't waste your time, program your sewing on one element and you will see savings in no time.
Used in the production of quilted jackets, auto-motive elements, upholstered furniture and many more. Best for sewing zippers, pockets of trousers, making embroidery on ready products. Template can be adjusted to any element, depends on sewing pattern. Memory - up to 999 patterns. Control panel with USB port allows importing designs from other devices (supports .dst, .dxf, .vdt files).
Serial equipped with automatic thread trimmer, wiper, safety switch and thread breaking detection. Built-in fast and precise stepping motors working in x and y axis and Direct Drive system with servo motor mounted in machine head. PDS Software for pattern making included.
Equipped with RFID card reader.
Table dimensions - 2149 x 2460 mm.
Standard equipped with rail: length 1830 mm - effective sewing area 1200 x 900 mm.
Stitch length 0,1 - 12,7 mm, clamp (frame) lifting up to 17mm, auxiliary presser foot up to 10mm, max sewing speed 3.200 s.p.m. Compressed air 5 bar necessary. Open frame 70 x 70 cm is added on the set of new machine. Suitable templates we will prepare on request.