Gold Medals at the DREMA 2023 Fair awarded to 10 Laureates!


Discover the products that won this year the Gold Medal of DREMA 2023 and vote in the Gold Medal Consumers Choice competition!

We have announced this year's winners of the DREMA Gold Medal. The products recognized by the jury showcase innovation, modernity, and functionality tailored to the current needs of the industry's customers.

The Gold Medal Laureates at the DREMA 2023 Fair



DINCMAK MAKINE SANAYI TiC. Ltd. STi. Thanks to over 40 years of experience and the excellent work of our R&D team, the TORMAT.SMART model was produced in 2019 and has found its place on the market. Multifunctionality in one machine, giving the possibility of shaping (milling), turning (machining), grinding and 5-axis detailed milling. TORMAT.SMART is a 4-axis CNC machining centre and a wood lathe at the same time designed for manufacturing sofas, chairs, tables and furniture legs etc. It enables the user to easily shape, carve, drill openings, engrave and perform finishing works. The machine has 6 various processing units: milling head, turning knife, electrospindle, grinder, longitudinal and transverse grinder and a cutting saw. It has a solid and innovative construction of the machine body. It is unrivalled thanks to high-quality materials and excellent optional features. It guarantees that you will reach your target speed production without sacrificing quality. TORMAT.SMART WAS SOLD IN OVER 100 PIECES WORLDWIDE! It is safe to say that TORMAT.SMART is the market leader in terms of high-quality materials and affordable prices!

Laser ablation – an innovative method of sharpening diamond tools

ITA TOOLS Sp. z o.o. We are a pioneer in the technology of sharpening diamond tools by laser ablation in the furniture industry and we are the only company in Poland to offer this service to our clients. Laser ablation sharpening is a guarantee of a precise blade finish, thanks to which we can provide tools with increased life, ensuring a better quality finish of the processed materials.

BeamCenter Expert 1363 Machining Centre

SERON Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. The BeamCenter Expert Machining Centre with a beam table is a solution designed and created in response to the requirements of the furniture industry, as well as general door and stair joinery. Produced by the Seron company, it boldly competes with the machine tools of the world's leading brands, leaving the client with the possibility of flexible configuration. Although the capabilities of these machines perfectly match the needs of powerful production plants, they remain an affordable solution even for small, developing entrepreneurs just entering the market.

One Plus' Pellet Boiler

HEIZTECHNIK Sp. z o.o. The goal of Heiztechnik Sp. z o. o. was to create a modern boiler in terms of functionality and construction with the best combustion parameters and full auto-regulation. The innovativeness of the device is based on the combination of a traditional automatic boiler with a complete hydraulic system and a modern combustion process management system, which uses the Lambda oxygen sensor. The application of the Lambda oxygen sensor and management systems developed in HEIZTECHNIK: • optimisation of the iPell R combustion process, • power modulation of HT-Logic III pellet boilers, allows for full auto-regulation of the combustion process while maintaining the best combustion parameters, minimises fuel consumption and facilitates operation of the device. The boiler is designed for ecological programmes and individual installations. It allows the boiler to be used in small rooms where traditional automatic pellet boilers do not fit. Due to the fact that the boiler is equipped with a hydraulic module, it is easy and simple to install. The self-regulation of the combustion process with the Lambda sensor, and the automatic burner and exchanger cleaning system facilitate use and maintenance.

Callisto 4 Pallet Nailing Machine

BizeA Sp. z o.o. Callisto 4 universal pallet nailing machine. The nailing process is carried out on two interchangeable moulds. This ensures great flexibility in the production of standard and non-standard pallets, because different products can be made on the machine at the same time. The machine is equipped with reliable BIZON nailers, which have been specially adapted to work on the machine (handle, JUMBO nail magazine with their presence sensor). Mould changeover time is only 15 minutes. The machine replaces the work of 2 workers. Possibility of simultaneously nailing pallets and skids to the next pallet.

ATC 2030 SEMI AUTO Milling Plotter

POLSKA GRUPA CNC Damian Laskowski The ATC 2030 SEMI AUTO milling plotter is an innovative structure that allows for the simultaneous development of the machine and the plant, in a minimally invasive way, you can dramatically increase its efficiency by expanding it with an automatic loading and unloading systems. The automatic table cleaning system will also keep your plant clean. This machine is the answer to the questions of production plants whose long-term plans assume intensive development.

BIZON Industrial Pneumatic Nailers for nails in coils connected with 553 DC, 653 DC, 703 DC, 903 DC wires

BizeA Sp. z o.o. BIZON industrial nailers are indispensable in the production of pallets and wooden packaging, as well as in all plants producing wooden structures, where the costs of operating and servicing tools are of great importance. The perfect balance between driving force and weight makes them extremely innovative and effective tools.

D Series – Valve Islands with CoilVision® predictive diagnostic technology

CAMOZZI Automation S.p.A. Compact and powerful pneumatic valve islands with patented CoilVision® predictive diagnostics. Configure pressure zones, solenoid valve functions and input/output modules in even in the most confined spaces. Instead of anxiously waiting for the planned downtime and replacement of solenoid valves, calmly wait for messages from the island that will signal such a need in advance on the PLC controller or the UVIX application via WiFi.

V3D-XB zestaw frezów do paneli 3D

N-POL Krzysztof Noga - zgłaszający, N-POL cutting tools - producent Ogranicza nas tylko wyobraźnia. Nowoczesny wygląd wnętrza w panele ścienne czy fronty meblowe 3D to absolutny trend na rynku od kilku lat. Panele 3D wprowadzają do wnętrza niepowtarzalny klimat. Nic więc dziwnego, że firmy produkujące panele i fronty 3D szukają najbardziej wyszukanych wzorów i modeli. Ekonomicznie i na czasie firma N-POL cutting tools wprowadza bardzo innowacyjne rozwiązanie w postaci gotowego zestawu frezów o nazwie rynkowej „VFM-XB”. Frezy te mogą być wykorzystane do pojedynczo lub do łączenia rożnych wzorów.

WMGS – Multifunctional Modular Grinding Head

Abrasives Group Tomasz Bartkowiak WMGS – a multifunctional modular grinding head – Made in Poland, gives a wide range of possibilities related to design and adaptation to technological needs. It consists of a starting and finishing module, as well as grinding inserts produced by the abrasives group and other competitive companies. The unique lightweight construction gives 30% more cutting edges than the heads available on the market, faster and more effective work at lower revolutions, ensuring greater flexibility and shape adjustment, effective dust extraction, and applicability on all machine tools. Made of metal, fixed with standard expansion and clamping sleeves, it is attractively priced.

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